Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who is responsible for your health???

Who is responsible for your health???

With the current state of the health care market, we are seeing more and more restrictions and denials from  insurance companies for chiropractic care.  The denials may be basis on the number of visits that you have had; the type of adjustments you receive (Aetna has denied claims when we have only used the activator instrument to adjust).  Claims have been denied for children based on their age, deemed as experimental care.  Some of the insurance companies have begun to use assessment surveys to establish when they will deny a claim. these surveys are focused on neck pain and back pain; only a small part of why you may seek to use chiropractic care. 

 All of these are as frustrating for us as it is for you. 

One thing to consider; "health" insurance is not intended to make you healthier than you are (or have been), it is intended as a benefit to manage disease or dysfunction.  They are not going to pay for your vitamins, organic foods, gym membership, etc.....  investing in these things and more are an investment in your health and well being!!!!! 
Recently we have a situation in which we needed to take my wife into the local emergeny room. The cost of this one nights visit to the hospital were incredible.  just to sign in at the ER was as much as some patients entire care with me.  $1500 just for the emergency room services.  you add the emergency room doctor, imaging, examination  and other miscellaneous charges and this trip to the emergency room was nearly $4,000.  All to confirm what I already knew without doing any test and to tell us to go home.   Very often, extended chiropractic care will cost you less than half just one visit to the ER.     

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