Thursday, September 2, 2010

A bit of chiropractic history!!!

A bit of chiropractic history!!!
from Time.
Monday, Jul. 09, 1951
Medicine: Crusading Chiropractor

In the U.S., 36 states allow boards of chiropractors to pass on the professional qualifications of fellow spinal manipulators. But Ohio is not one of them. There, a chiropractor must get his permit from a medical board of orthodox M.D.s. Chiropractor Herber Ross Reaver considered this absurd.  Said he : "It's like having Catholic priests license Methodist ministers. We recognize that both are prescribing away to heaven, but why should one tell the other what to prescribe?"

Reaver set out to change the state law. He began to practice, without a permit, in a Cincinnati suburb. He got plenty of patients, but every now & then the law interfered. In 13 years, Chiropractor Reaver was fined eight times. Next came three short jail sentences. On his twelfth conviction, Reaver drew a six-month sentence and a warning that if he practiced again he would be prosecuted as a habitual criminal. That did it. Last week Reaver announced that his crusade was ended and he was moving to Florida.

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