Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At what age should you start being adjusted???

This morning at a networking group I was asked how old should someone be before you start having them adjusted.  My IMMEDIATE response was; "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE."  The youngest that I have adjusted  is 3 days old.  Other doctors in my office have adjusted within a few hours of birth.   Some peoples initial response is why would you adjust an infant.  They can't be injured that early can they???   When you look at the birth process, even an uneventful birth, can be very traumatic to both the mother and the child.   And it does not matter if it is a natural birth or if it is a Cesarean delivery.  Trauma occurs in any type of delivery.

Here are some indications that you should have your child checked:
  • the head is constantly tilted or turned to one side.
  • when they are  nursing, they will favor one side, have difficulty latching on the other breast
  • the eyes and face appear asymmetrical, one eye may be higher or larger than the other
  • they are colicy
  • they do not sleep for long periods of time, sometimes waking every few minutes
  • they are constipated, have diarrhea or have excessive gas
  • they are unable to keep food down.
Here is a video of Dr. Mike Long adjusting Naia for the first time, 2 days old 

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