Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Are you in a state of growth or a state of defense????

At a recent seminar,  the speaker brought up and eye-opening idea.

"The body can not be in a state of growth and a state of defense at the same time."    

The idea that we can be combating some infirmity and still be growing is counter to natural design.   In nature, life is either thriving and growing; or it is stagnant and decaying.   A state of growth or a state of defense.   A proactive approach or a reactive approach.

So,  is it better to take the approach of strengthening the host (you) to improve the overall health, enhancing growth.  Or it it better to be reactive, responding to "dis-ease" with medications that suppress symptoms,  alter the chemistry of life in defense of the host (you). 

Both are realities of modern life.   Many people will wait until they are experiencing symptoms of some disease before they seek out a remedy in response to their condition (DEFENSE).   Others will begin to take action to prevent "dis-ease" by making life-style choices that will enhance their overall health (GROWTH).

Conventional  medicine is the optimal source for the defensive, symptom suppressing and removal of diseased tissues.  And at times this is the best possible solution.   Certain alternative medicines use a similar approach to treating symptoms.  Herbal and naturopathic remedies are a reactive treatments to symptoms.   Simply because a remedy comes from a plant or animal does not change the the reactive nature of a defensive response.   If  you only use Chiropractic or Acupuncture to treat a painful symptom, you are reacting in a defensive pattern.

Chiropractic, Acupuncture and naturopathy all encourage growth with life-style choices.  Promoting nutrition, exercise and wellness care.   Being proactive with your choices, heading off  "dis-ease".    Even conventional medicine recognizes the benefit of preventative measures. 

In Chiropractic we look at the three causes of the subluxaion;    Physical, chemical and emotional stressors.

D.D. Palmer referred to the three "T"'s; Thoughts, Toxins and Trauma.

To be proactive, keeping the body in a state of growth, you need to be subluxation free.  Many subluxations are completely asymptomatic.  The only way to know if you are subluxated is to be checked by your chiropractor.


Dr Rodger

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