Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tacoma Thursday Morning Healthy Edge Group Program

Randy Schroeder & Brian Thiel are the facilitators for the Health Edge in Tacoma.   They run a morning session at the Venue.  

This is  a program that helps to make little changes in you life to improve your overall health.  below is a summary of the course at the venue.

The Tacoma Thursday Morning Healthy Edge Group Program Includes:
  • - 8 weekly meetings facilitated by Healthy Edge Independent Facilitators
  • - One-on-one coaching support
  • - Initial coaching call to set goals
  • - Weekly support through e-mails or phone calls
  • - Healthy Edge meals prepared by Three Chicks Catering, Inc. each week. (Except week 2 (JUMPSTART WEEK))
  • - 12 weeks of unlimited access to The Healthy Edge website (
  • - Full Healthy Edge program including videos, downloadable audios and notes and other support materials
  • - Over 150 Healthy Edge recipes
  • - BONUS GIFT: 1 month supply of top rated adult pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • - Taking back control of your health and weight! FOREVER!
  • * Spouse rates, Class Graduate rates, and children under 18 do not include all of the features listed above. Please discuss these features with the class Facilitators.
  • Tacoma Healthy Edge Course Outline
    8 Weeks to Your Healthy Edge Lifestyle:
    • Week 1: Getting Started on The Healthy Edge – Congratulations on your commitment to yourself and your health. This program is intended to guide you in making lifestyle changes that will not only change your outer body size but you’re inside body as well. This first meeting, we will take your weight, measurements and before pictures. We will also lead you through what it takes to get ready for The Healthy Edge. This is really the beginning. Welcome to The Healthy Edge.
    • Week 2: Insulin Resistance and The Glycemic Index – It may physically and mentally not be your fault for where you are in your health. Learn how to get rid of your carbohydrate cravings and get your insulin levels under control. What is Insulin Resistance? How does it adversely affects weight loss and your health? What is the role of blood sugar? What are the physical and emotional results of consuming low vs. high glycemic foods and meals? Learn why low glycemic shakes and bars will support you in overcoming insulin resistance and can jump start your new healthy lifestyle.
    • Week 3: Eating Out and Eating at The Workplace – How do you take responsibility for your choices and live a life of freedom? How can you succeed living a healthy lifestyle at the workplace? Learn how to prepare your week and set up your environment at work to win. How do you stay on track when eating out? What are you really ordering? We will review the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of local restaurants menu’s.
    • Week 4: Exercise – Most people know how to exercise so why don’t we? What is holding you back? Are your goals for exercise to get healthy, fit? How can strength training and circuit training dramatically increase the results you see? How do you know what is your target heart rate? How can you maximize the calories you burn for hours afterwards? Learn how exercise can really be fun.
    • Week 5: Reading Food Labels Part I – Learn about the information found on food labels. What you need to know about carbohydrates, fiber, fats, and proteins to be empowered in your healthy lifestyle? What does low fat, no fat, low calories, etc. really mean when it comes to your weight and health? What is regulated on food labels and what is marketing? What should I be buying organic?
    • Week 6: Reading Food Labels Part II – Know what is in your food and the effects of the 10 most common food additives. Most of these are in the diet foods that are being marketed for weight loss and in the foods you are buying for your children! Get empowered with knowledge! Bring pen and paper - we will review some cooking prep idea’s to make meals at home quick and easy.
    • Week 7: Maximize Fat Loss – “I just have a slow metabolism” will never come out of your mouth again after this seminar! Learn how protein, fiber, and muscle mass can increase the fat and calories you burn daily and change your body! Discover the secret to how fiber and protein contribute to your fat release! Fine tune your Healthy Edge journey by evaluating your progress and identifying what is missing.
    • Week 8: Where Do We Go From Here? - Congratulations! You are ready for the world, almost. Get your final pictures, weight and measurements and see how well you have done! Discuss your victories and challenges ahead and what how you can implement a lifestyle change from the education gained in the last seven weeks. Bring somebody special in your life to share your victory!

4902 Tacoma Mall Blvd. 
Tacoma WA 98409

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