Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Nutrition & Lots of Exercise for Healthy Kids

Good Nutrition & Lots of Exercise for Healthy Kids
We're in the middle of a raging epidemic affecting America's youth - the obesity epidemic. The number of American adolescents who are obese increased 300% in the last 40 years.

This is a problem that can potentially affect every family. The good news is that in almost all cases, obesity is a lifestyle disorder. In other words, children become obese because of behaviors learned from their friends and their parents.

Healthy eating and regular exercise are the two critically important steps to take to help ensure your child retains an appropriate weight. With respect to healthy eating -

  • Eliminate all trans fats from your children's diet - this includes almost all fast foods
  • Cut down on sugary drinks (eliminate)
  • Serve at least five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • Serve complex carbohydrates such as whole grains
  • Serve lean meat, fish, and poultry
  • Count calories!
Children need at least an hour of physical activity every day. This includes outdoor play, sports, and calisthenics. Make sure your kids are getting enough exercise!! 

use supplements to boost the nutritional value of the foods that are missing in your children diet.


Dr. Rodger Niemi
Renaissance Chiropractic Center

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