Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18, 1895

September 18

Today is the birthday of chiropractic.  1895, DD Palm made the first adjustment of Harvey Lillard.   116 years after that first adjustment, we are one of the most popular alternatives to allopathic medicine, yet we are only seeing a very small percentage of the population.  

People are inundated with pharmaceutical marketing on tv, in print and even online.   Our emails are bombarded with  messages about cheap deals on various medication.

How do you break past the mindset that everything that ills you can be solved by a pill.  The reality is that the medications may relieve your pains for a time, but it inevitably returns in force.   Many people live day to day popping over-the-counter pain medications like skittles.  Unaware of the continued degeneration progressing under these suppressed warning signs.

What if we could get more of these people in to see us to correct their poor posture, their fixated joints, their lost motion.   Even if we could only improve the quality of their daily life by 10 percent. Decreasing the amount of medication that they needed on a daily basis.  What a difference that could make in the world today.

If you have not seen a chiropractor, why not?   If you do, have you sent your family and friends to be checked?  Who do you know that needs to be seen? The need for corrective care is vast,  the need for maintenance is even greater.

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